Web - UID & Branding

WorkAngel is a powerful employee benefits platform that helps businesses to improve company culture and employee wellness by providing employers with an innovative set of tools with which to do so.

The Challenge

I joined WorkAngel when the company was still in its infancy. Given the start-up nature of the company, I got to work on many different aspects of the business. One of my many challenges was to design a fully responsive marketing site for the company to inform potential clients of their product and to make it easy for them to register for one of the pricing plans.

Design Constraints

When designing a responsive product it's important to clearly define the layout constraints. In doing so I defined the different grid layouts for each device-related breakpoint.


As part of an ongoing branding exercise, I defined a simplified colour palette and chose a highly legible typeface to use throughout the site. These branding elements were also part of a larger piece of branding work which you can view here.


As part of the design look and feel I created a set of illustrations and product-based collages. This really helped to further clarify the value proposition by boiling down some of the more complicated concepts into easily understood-visuals.

Visual Design

At this stage of the project, the previously scoped branding elements such as typography, colour and illustrations were all brought together to create a clear and engaging conversion-centred design (CCD).


The main purpose of the marketing site was to increase the customer sales conversion. I aimed to fulfil this need by utilising clear call-to-actions throughout the design, coupled with a very simplified two-stage on-boarding process, which could be completed on both mobile and desktop devices.

Final Thoughts

Despite the very tight deadline, the project was delivered on time, and to a good standard, which allowed the company to successfully meet all of its goals and intended KPI targets. But in retrospect, given a longer delivery time, I would've liked to of made the website even more visually engaging by adding more motion, via animated illustrations and parallax transitions.